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Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)

By uniting under this umbrella alliance, a single- or multi-physician practice can reap the benefits of a larger purchasing group. This may include higher negotiated contract rates from insurance carriers, lower rates on products & services for the practice on medical,office supplies, malpractice and other essential benefits.

About Us

PPA was established by a group of physicians to help combat the increasing costs of providing healthcare.

Our aggressive price strategy allowed us to do just that!

Benefits of PPA

PPA allows its members to purchase high quality products and services, through increased group discounts, which allow its members to focus on providing quality healthcare.


Physicians Purchase Alliance offers free access to vendor partners. Each one brings value and savings to practices.

Our members choose from market-leading suppliers, ensuring members get the best match in price and quality.


By uniting under this umbrella alliance, a single-office family doctor can reap the benefits of a larder purchasing group.

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